Thursday, July 17, 2008

Orion's Belt could be on the verge of destruction


Today's post is a little off-topic, it deals with Astronomy. From an unconfirmed source I have recently come to learn that one of the three stars in the Orion's belt has exploded, but since it takes years for the light of the explosion to get us, it will be a short while before we realize that it has been destroyed. The source believes that the star is far away from us they will be in any harm, but we are close enough to observe the explosion.

The source is in the process of sharing these finding with his/her colleagues from many of the world renowned universities. The scientist who made this discovery wants to confirm this with his colleagues before he releases it to the mainstream media. Once the light the explosion reaches us it will be about the same brightness as the moon.

I will try to get more on this matter and keep all updated on this matter, just remember you saw it first on Pakstrategy.

Abu Abdullah,
The Doctor of Truth