Saturday, June 9, 2007

Pakistan Ka Matlab Kya...


I have monitoring the news lately and it seems that there is a huge amount of political pressure, and negative propaganda against the Islamic Institutions. They are being stereotyped as "extremists", "fundamentalists" and "hypocrites". In return the Islamic leaders are using words like "Hypocrites" and even "Kafir" to refer to the secular parties.

One listening to this mayhem can be easily confused on where the truth lies, what is reality and what is dramatization, but the truth is that both sides have their flaws and both need to learn to compromise.

Current politicians that refer to Islamics groups as "extremists" and are removing Islamic Studies from the curriculum need to realize that Pakistan was formed as a free nation for Muslims, If we had wanted to abolish Islamic Studies we never would wanted our own land. In fact we would have been just as happy in Hindustan the reason we struggled to make Pakistan was because we wanted to live under Islamic law. We still want that and we will always want that. Making Pakistan a secular country is SUICIDE. Any moves made in such direction will always hurt the spirit of Pakistanis and decrease Pakistani Spirit which is a absolute necessity for the success of Pakistan.

On the other hand the "Mullas" need to realize that they can force their views on someone they need to do it with patience and need to lead by example. They need to keep the spirit of Pakistan and the Spirit of Islam alive in them. They need to follow the examples of our beloved Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah(PBUH). They need to teach their student secular studies as well as Islamic studies. Our religious scholars need to go into every field they need to go into Medicine, Engineering, Politics, Economics and even business. These multi-field scholars need to teach by example, for example. A business man when scheduling business meetings with his colleagues needs remind them to schedule prayer break as well, or when going out to eat with friends he should in modesty remind them of a hadith or two about eating, basically educating passively.

The "Scholars" shouldn't have their own political party instead they should be in each and every party and making working to root out unethical behaviors, so these parties can work on emphasizing what really needs to be done make Pakistan a successful country as opposed to a nation that is struggling to establish whether the principles that it was found upon still apply or not, and surely they do still apply and will always apply.

Abu Abdullah,
The Doctor of Truth

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