Saturday, July 7, 2007

Bollywood premier's in Pakistan


A few months ago President General Pervez Musharraf, lifted the 41 year ban on Indian movies in Pakistan by allowing the premier of the Mughal-E-Azam to be held in Pakistan. The move itself can the center of a controversy, but if he chose to send a message of peace to India by allowing the release of Indian films in Pakistan He could've done it more productively.

Musharraf should've have allowed the Bollywood to release their film in Pakistan and also should've allowed them to shoot some of their films in Pakistan, but conditionally. he should've chosen the conditions wisely enough that Bollywood still would've been interested in released the films in Pakistan as well as the Government of Pakistan along with the film industry of Pakistan would've have benefited from it in great deal.

How could the Government of Pakistan would've benefited from the release of the Indian movies in Pakistan? The answer is a simple three letter word, TAX. Musharraf should've taxed the revenue, not profited, but revenue that Bollywood is going to make is Pakistan. As this way they could've added other expenses later on and have had no effect on the amount of tax they would've received in Pakistan. Tax amount can be as high 50% and Bollywood still have agreed to it. This additional money would've been a Major help to economy of Pakistan, a piece of the World's biggest film industry can mean new roads, more electricity, better food and permanent housing for our beloved Pakistanis that were devastated by the earthquake.

How could Lollywood, the Pakistani film industry have benefited from the lifting of the ban? Well all they had to do was to say that films shot at least 60% in Pakistan would've been received a tax deduction of 30% so if the original Tax was 50% now it's only 35% and any movies shot in Pakistan must involve the local directors, cameramen & etc. Now that is a Win-Win situation. Our film industry get experience, money, credit and advertisement so soon our own Film industry can start competing with them and yielding more profit, and then you can ease up on the taxes and restrictions.

Abu Abdullah,
The Doctor of Truth

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