Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Save Pakistan


The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, has been named a failed state time and time again, although there are many reasons for this, one of the major reasons of this is the failure of the system to maintain checks and balances. The system of checks and balances has always been weak, whoever was in power had always wanted complete control. This has even lead to killing of various leaders, and handful of coups that have poisoned the nations history. Another act of this nature that seeks to have absolute power is the making. Another force is trying to get this corrupting-in-nature absolute power.

Currently in Pakistan the government is such that the President belongs to Pakistan Muslim League(Quaid), the Parliament is controlled bu Pakistan People's Party and Pakistan Muslim League(Nawaz). the only thing currently out of balance is the situation of the supreme courts judges, which is not the topic of discussion here. This balance is healthy in nature for the Pakistani public if it is maintained and used to work the betterment of the common-person, but PPP's co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari seeks to throw this balance--that we have finally achieved-- out the window for personal gains. The preservation of this balance is a critical ingredient for Pakistan's future. In the current situation President Musharraf's powers are being kept in close check but if he is removed the new President will be from the PPP, which also controls the Parliament thus destroying the balance.

If we want to protect Pakistan, we must sign this petition and let the parliament know what out stance on this is.

Abu Abdullah,
The Doctor of Truth


Anonymous said...

Too late now, this is now more of warning then any real petition, I guess in about 2 years you'll be able to post an article saying "I told you so"

Rizwan said...

Its only propegenda against our great country.
Pakistan is strogest country in islamic world, nothing can do anything.

Listen all who really cares about our Nation,,
Lets tell the whole World that we didn't forget, we are just Planning...

If I breathe. Its Pakistani oxygen
If I speak...its Pakistani language
If I cry...it's on a Pakistani shoulder
If I pray...it's for Pakistan freedom
If I promote...I promote Pakistan
If I fight. I fight with a Pakistani soul
If I make peace...it's because am Pakistani soldir
When people say is "smart". They think Pakistanis are!
Am not perfect. But that's not a big deal
Am Pakistani. That's the real deal....

Pakistan Zindabaad

The Doctor of Truth said...

I like your Patriotic Spirit Rizwan. You can do a lot for you country, only if wern't so disconnected with reality.