Sunday, October 28, 2007

Jinnah House


A white mansion in mumbai, where the founder of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Quaid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah lived, worth by some estimated around USD 15 million, has been in the news for quite some time now. Pakistan, India and Jinnah's dosowned daughter Dina Wadia has claimed it.

Dina Wadia, who wants this property for herself has filed claims for the house which Indian government has rejected citing that Muhammad Ali Jinnah clearly willed the house to his sister Fatima Jinnah, Who died in 1967 and she did not have any children.

Pakistan, who has also claimed the Jinnah House for sentimental purposes, want the house so that it can be turned into a consulate. Jinnah after the partition became the Governer General of Pakistan and left the mansion. After leaving the mansion he requested that his house be turned into a consulate, since he passed away only about a year after the partition he deal was never finalized .

India, who claims that the property belonged to Fatima Jinnah, and since she passed away in 1963 and did not leave a living will the house is considered abandoned and becomes property of the government.

Jinah also in his will states that if upon his sister death she did not have any children then his estate will be split between Alighar (sic) University, Islamic College in Peshawar and the Sindh Madressa in Karachi, All these facts in mind the solution to this generation old problem is that I believe will make all happy, all except for Quaid's disowned daughter. I think the house should be turned into a Pakistani Consulate and Pakistan should pay a rent that should be split between Alighar (sic) University, Islamic College in Peshawar and the Sindh Madressa in Karachi evenly or If Pakistan prefers to buy the place then they must pay a fair market value for the house and the revenue should be split between the universities too. India turning the house over to Pakistan will open new gates of friendship between the two nations, and as for Dina who left her father for Neville Wadia, and was disowned by her father should not be given his house that he loved so much.

Abu Abdullah,
The Doctor of Truth


Shah said...

i agree with the solution

and the fact that dina wadia and her family is just looking for the money otherwise she has nothing to do with the Jinnah legacy, she doesnt even come to Pakistan the country that her father fought for, she gave up her faith, its a shame really.

Anonymous said...

i also completely agree with the solution.. and i dont know mrs Wadia is trying to claim for...huh. Mrs wadia doesnt have any thing to do wid Mr JINNAH and PAKISTAN...

Anonymous said...

Mrs Wadia is the daugthter of Jinnah. She has the right to claim the property, whatever her intentions may be. Pakistan should not be allowed to even touch the property, it should first work on the country that Jinnah made and not just the physical property which is outside of the country anyway. Also, as Jinnah left India, he left the property so it doesnt count as his property anymore.

And shame on you Pakistani lot first for turning out jinnahs dream into your own nightmare. Look within before you say shame to anyone else.