Saturday, October 6, 2007

"President" Musharraf???


On October 6, 2007, General Prevez Musharraf was elected the President of Pakistan, but most of the things in Pakistani Politics his victory was not free of any conflicts, so therefore let us take part in conflict and express out views.

First of all let take a deeper look at the word "President", it comes from latin roots prae- and -sedere, which mean "before" and "to sit" respectively. Originally the term "President" was used for a designated officer that sat before a debate or other gathering to make sure that the the proceedings were according to the rules and regulations, and many times to avoid any bias the President wasn't even allowed to vote on issues that the council would be discussing. This was done to make sure that there is no conflict of interest, and President's only job is to observe the rules and make sure they are adhered to.

Let us also ponder upon the concept of democracy, where power is distributed to many individuals and entities to make sure that they system of checks and balances is maintained. If any one individual hold more than one position, or has too much influence the balance is disrupted and democracy is destroyed.

How can General Pervez Musharraf, become President and reside before the Government of Pakistan to make sure that the rules of Constitution are followed, when he, himself, came into power violating these rules. How can he be the leader of a Democracy and maintain a system of checks and balances when he, himself, destroyed the system by holding multiple powerful positions and is known for influencing and forcing the decisions of those that are suppose to keep him in check.

Abu Abdullah,
The Doctor of Truth

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