Thursday, January 3, 2008

Benazir Bhutto, Shaheed???


After the assassination of Pakistan's Ex-Premier Benazir Bhutto, the media as well as the political party of which she was the leader of, Pakistan People' Party, have give her the title of shaheed. Since then she has been referred to as Benazir Bhutto Shaheed. Most people out of respect or just being blind supporters of Benazir Bhutto and/or the PPPP have accepted the title without giving it much thought, the meaning behind the title and what it means.

Shaheed, literally is an Arabic words meaning witness, but in Islam it refers to a person who has lost his/her life wither during a war for Islam or lost his life while he was out doing something for Allah. Benazir Bhutto lost her life while she was campaigning for herself to win the seat of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, from which she was removed twice for corruption.

keeping those facts in mind the only way she can be called a Shaheed is if she had cleansed herself from the alleged corruption, which was the cause for her exile by 3 different Pakistani Presidents. In addition to being purified from corruption, her only goal in running for the Prime Minister of Pakistan must've been to please Allah. If she had satisfied both of these condition, then and only then is she a shaheed. Did she satisfy these conditions? Is she a shaheed? The judge of that shall be Allah, and only Allah knows if she is shaheed, and if her supposed Shahadat is accepted.

Abu Abdullah,
The Doctor of Truth

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