Sunday, January 20, 2008

My first Majlis-E-Ashura


Muharran 10th, The day the Karbala Tragedy took place, The day grandsons of Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H) were martyred, is a day which has meant somewhere from little to nothing to me. In the years past, I'd always treated this day no different than any other day. The this year, Muharram 10, 1429, It was different i was invited to a Majlis-E-Ahusra, by one of my Shia friends. Where they had a very neutral presentation prepared to commemorate the events that took place 1368 years ago in the hot desserts of Karbala.

Before attending the Majlis I was playing cricket, and when I came home I got ready and went over to the place the Majlis was taking place. I went there and finally had some water sine I was nearly dehydrated and very thirsty from playing cricket. After drinking the water I was relaxed and satisfied. Soon after that the presentation began and went through what Imam Hussain(AS) and his 72 companion went through. At the end I realized that I was just deprived of water for about an hour or so on a cool evening and what was I going through and I finally realized what the camp of Hussain(AS) went through that day. I started to ask myself why did he go through this to defend the religion of Islam.

After realizing this I was inspired, It caused me to bring a chance into my life. I asked myself if they can give their life for the religion that they loved so much, then why can't I do thing in my life that'll make Islam look better? Instead of just roaming around uselessly with friends why don't I do something with my life that'll make me become better than I already am. I've always wanted to have the greatest success in my life, but up until now It was for my own sake, my personal gain. After that I changed myself that now I will work harder than ever before not because of my personal worldly gains, but to give Islam a better image, Inshallah when people will look at me they won't see me, They'll See a Muslim, a Follower of Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H). They will not complement me that, "wow, 'so and so' is so successful" but they'll say "Wow, the followers of Prophet Muhammad have Success in this life and in the after-life."

I pray you will see the same light I did, either from this article or from another source. So we can make the Shahadat of not only Imam Hussain(A.S) but also of all the other that gave their life for Islam meaningful.

Abu Abdullah,
The Doctor of Truth

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